Finally, this again.

Three If By Murder #3: Justin Pierce

‘Wonderella’ is one of my favourite superhero comics, and now you’re thinking, it’s not a real superhero comic because it’s a parody. Well, in my mind parodies are indistinguishable from the thing they are parodying, just like how ‘Ghostbusters’ is a real film about busting ghosts even though real ghost busters aren’t really as funny because ghosts are kind of a serious subject when you think about it. I mean they are dead people.

Fun fact: I regularly wrote Justin Pierce’s name as ‘Justine Pierce’ while making this because I’m not very good with details like that.

Three If By Murder #4: Cory Mathis

Cory used to work where I work, and now he doesn’t, and then he won the ‘NZ Young Cartoonist Award’ and then he was in Italy but now he is not. Most of his stuff is dinosaur related, so when I asked him to supply me with a question for this project I should have specified no dinosaur questions, but then I didn’t and now it is my fault.

I imagine when it is his birthday everyone is all like, ‘let’s get him some dinosaur stuff because we know he likes dinosaur stuff’ and now he has a whole cabinet of dinosaur memorabilia.

The joke at the end of this video made sense in my head at the time.


Finally, More Stuff

Three If By Murder #0: David Thomsen

I wasn’t entirely satisfied with several aspects of my first two videos, so I made this third video that fixes some of those issues and set it as number zero. Maybe when I’m even more competent I’ll make a ‘prologue’ or something to go before this one, or rearrange mathematics so there is a number lower than 0. Here I answer my own question, because it occurred to me that I could do that.

Little Turret’s Big Day In

The first in my ‘Unrelated To Three If By Murder’ videos, which in the archive I am going to call ‘Four If By Other’. This is a homage to the popular game ‘Portal‘, which is the one game I recommend to people who don’t play video games. Just like ‘The General‘ is the silent film I recommend to people who don’t watch silent films. And ‘The Lego Movie‘ is the best film in the DC universe.

Finally, Three If By Murder

Well, so, almost a year after I said I would have my first videos ready in ‘a couple of weeks’, here they are. They’re not quite perfect, but I was learning a lot as I went along, and they never were going to be perfect anyway, so that’ s okay. Hopefully future videos will take much, much less time now that I know what I’m actually doing.

Three If By Murder #1: Christopher Hastings

I was lucky enough to be able to get a question from the super talented Mr. Christopher Hastings for my first video… well, that and I bribed him. Kind of. Chris (can I call him Chris?) is best known for his The Adventures of Dr. McNinja series, but has also worked with Marvel on some Deadpool comic that is also probably important. I don’t have the McNinja comics yet (money is expensive) but I do have a Deadpool LEGO® Minifigure, which I like to think counts for something.

Three If By Murder #2: Grant Buist

Grant has been my friend for some time, he was producing the comic Brunwick for Victoria University magazine Salient while I was a student there, and is currently working on his comic Jitterati for Wellington magazine FishHead, along with his magnum opus Brunswick graphic novel. He also wrote a Brunswick play, which I went to the wrap party for and have since found out that only people involved in plays are supposed the wrap party for (oops!).